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About AppliedMMT

AppliedMMT aims to provide an alternative view that most accurately describes the state of the economy and financial markets. Attempting to navigate the complexities of these areas without a proper understanding of money is misguided and unproductive.

Our approach is rooted in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), an empirical framework that describes the workings of today’s monetary systems and their implications for the broader macroeconomy. The MMT framework equips us with a comprehensive understanding of monetary operations, revealing critical insights that conventional wisdom and textbooks frequently overlook.

We are dedicated to leveraging the insights provided by MMT, enhanced by our advanced data science techniques, to deliver unique, nuanced, and cutting-edge analysis of the economy and financial markets.

AppliedMMT Pro members get access to:

    • Weekly Macro Newsletter/Video Updates: Understand where markets are heading using a data-driven approach built upon MMT fundamentals. Each update gathers fiscal, banking, dynamic hedging (gamma), and cross-asset correlation data to build a tradable and investable roadmap for equities, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodities.
    • Data Dashboard: Gain access to our comprehensive and dynamic data dashboard, which includes daily updates to the MMT Phase Flow model, the VOL Shift model, and our advanced deep learning model, DeepMMT. This robust platform aggregates critical information necessary for informed market decisions each day. It features detailed insights into volatility term structure data, gamma distribution data, and a dynamic mean reversion model. Additionally, the dashboard offers daily tracking of the Daily Treasury Statement spending and historical trends, all enhanced by the predictive analytics of the DeepMMT model.
    • Community Discord Server: Stay in touch with the AppliedMMT community, discuss the latest happenings in financial markets, and shape the future of the AppliedMMT platform.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to