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Episode #23 - Conversation with Brett Scott (Part 1)

A monetary anthropologist and author, Brett shares insights into the complex interplay of money, society, and technology. We delve into Brett's perspectives on MMT, economic anthropology, and the nuanced politics of money.

AppliedMMT Team

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In this episode, Brett Scott, author of Cloudmoney, joins Adam, Doug, and Ryan to discuss: 

  • Brett's intellectual journey with MMT and how he was exposed to the ideas through different communities and events
  • Challenges of separating fact from conspiracy theories 
  • Brett's perspective on tensions between using existing monetary systems and building alternative currencies
  • Discussion of libertarian and anarcho-capitalist views in early crypto and the concept of "vulgar libertarianism"
  • Evolution of understanding of limitations of blockchain and smart contract technology
  • Skepticism towards claims of decentralization and feasibility of decentralized systems
  • Brett's arguments for maintaining balances of power in the monetary system through preserving cash
  • Implications of moving to a cashless society in terms of power, data control, and corporate manipulation
  • Potential for central bank digital currencies to expand access to reserves or bypass banking sector
  • Debate around proposals to issue CBDCs and commercial bank lobbying efforts
  • Rohan Gray's E-Cash proposal as a progressive vision for digital cash with privacy protections

For more from Brett, visit his Substack: Altered States of Monetary Consciousness