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Episode #24 - Conversation with Brett Scott (Part 2)

A monetary anthropologist and author, Brett shares insights into the complex interplay of money, society, and technology. We delve into Brett's perspectives on MMT, economic anthropology, and the nuanced politics of money.

AppliedMMT Team

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In this episode, Brett Scott, author of Cloudmoney, joins Adam, Doug, and Ryan to discuss: 

  • Vertical and horizontal dimensions of money  
  • Crypto capturing attention through an asset-only view of money that people commonly hold
  • Crypto ignoring double-entry accounting and liability side of money by treating units as assets alone
  • Bitcoin's reliance on energy-intensive mining and whether it can truly function as a reliable inflation hedge
  • Bitcoin promoters shifting narratives between Bitcoin being an asset, a monetary system, and a counter-trade
  • Inflation scaremongering as a distraction from real issues like wage stagnation and  wealth distribution
  • Conservative monetary ideology benefitting creditors by constraining the political imagination of money
  • MMT challenges to traditional assumptions by focusing on resources rather than financial constraints
  • Interdependence as the starting point for economic analysis rather than independent actors in isolated markets

For more from Brett, visit his Substack: Altered States of Monetary Consciousness