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Episode #19 - Interview with Ritik Goyal

AppliedMMT Team

In this episode, Ritik Goyal joins Adam, Ryan, and Douglas to discuss:

  • Ritik's journey from working at Bridgewater to co-founding "The Monetary Frontier" on Substack
  • How Ritik was drawn to MMT as a framework that accurately describes economic flows and policy impacts, especially in the context of austerity politics.
  • Ritik's nuanced view on MMT, particularly questioning the idea of a zero neutral interest rate and its effect on the availability of safe assets like treasuries.
  • The historical relationship between interest rates, inflation, and the Federal Reserve's role, suggesting that the Fed's influence is more psychological than direct.
  • The primary role of fiscal policy over monetary policy in economic outcomes, challenging conventional views on the Fed's effectiveness.
  • Analysis of current market trends, the potential impact of Fed rate cuts, and the risks of a self-reinforcing economic slowdown.
  • The effectiveness of asset price inflation as a stimulus for the broader economy, highlighting the importance of safe assets in economic stability.
  • The importance of understanding economic mechanics and the role of MMT in shaping economic discourse, emphasizing the need for a more nuanced understanding of fiscal and monetary interactions.

"The Fed Does Not Exist" by Ritik Goyal